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Image Consulting and Luxury Wardrobe 

Luxury Men's Custom Wardrobes
Marcello Vero, founder of the KITON custom service and former director of Bergdorf Goodman's KITON custom shop, has now brought custom wardrobes to a new level of luxury. 

Designed in New York, Hand-tailored in Italy
MARCELLO VERO BESPOKE is an exclusive men's collection designed in New York City and hand-tailored in Italy. Custom designed for an elite clientele, the premier collection is created with exquisite details and luxurious fabrics.

Classic and Contemporary Styles, Custom Fit,
Luxurious Fabrics, Unique Sartorial Details, Image Consulting, and more.

Personalized Service
To project a classic and authoritative image, contact Marcello Vero for a private appointment.

Image Consulting for Corporates and Individual  Clients.  Marcello Vero International Image Consulting for professions which deal with government, finance, law, education, entertainment and art.

140 West 57th Street, Suite 11C
New York, NY 10019
phone: +1-212-439-6282  |    1-917-514-1109                    EMAIL  marcellovero@marcellovero.com

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