What Clients Say About Marcello Vero

"Dear Marcello, I absolutely love my new suit and I cannot tell you how many compliments I get even from

 people in the airport. Frank W. Abagnale, (Catch Me If You Can), Abagnale & Associates, Washington DC

“I have received extraordinary service from Marcello Vero. His work is absolutely world class.”
Richard Yanowitch, President and CEO. The Yanowitch Philanthropic Trust, San Francisco

“Marcello Vero is an excellent stylist, wardrobe planner, and fine gentlemen.”
Robert Zelman, Real-Estate Developer, New York 

Marcello Vero, my favorite Image Consultant has built one of the most important collections of fine hand tailored 

men’s dress clothing. This accomplishment is truly a treasure and has made an impact on my business and social

 associations.” Keith Armato, CEO and President, Union Street Tin Co., Chicago

“I have attained a tremendously diverse selection of fine, handmade suits with top quality fabrics, beautiful colors

 and intricate patterns. Marcello Vero is the only true professional I have ever met in New York who understands

 details.” Ariel Russo, Director Ventura Gem & Pearl Co., New York 

“Marcello’s love and appreciation of fabrics, patterns, fit and quality is unique, and I look forward to each time

 I meet with him. It is difficult to express how pleased I am to work with such a professional.”
Mark Smolin, Managing Director UBS Investment Bank, Los Angeles


Mr. Frank William Abagnale  (Catch Me If You Can) wearing a Custom-Made MARCELLO VERO 

BESPOKE black peak-lapel double-breasted suit in a super worsted wool for the

Red Chair Interview on CNNMr. Abagnale wrote..."Dear Marcello, I absolutely love my new suit and 

I cannot tell you how many compliments I get from people in the airport"

London, 2016.  Actor Franco Nero Brand-Ambassador for Designer Marcello Vero introducing the 

Dark Blue Royal MARCELLO VERO BESPOKE three-button superfine 180's worsted wool suit to 

Charles, Prince of Wales. Also in the picture with Franco Nero his wonderful wife and talented English 

Actress Vanessa Redgrave.

Hollywood, Red-Carpet 2016Marcello Vero with Actor Franco Nero at the Los Angeles-Italia Film Festival

Actor Franco Nero is wearing a MARCELLO VERO BESPOKE custom-made suit hand- tailored in Italy.




Keith Armato wearing a custom-made classic "Frack con Coda" created by Marcello Vero  for the Order of  Saint George's ceremony.

Marcello Vero fitting world famous designer VALENTINO.


        Famous Italian Actor Christian De Sica fitting a Prince of Wales tree-button suit created by Marcello Vero
in Bergdorf Goodman Men's Store - New York -

New York  2007.   Marcello Vero and Italian petroleum tycoon Massimo Moratti enjoying in New York City the Columbus Parade on Fifth Avenue

Marcello Vero  founder and former director of the            Marcello Vero and Renato Cecchi owner of d'Avenza  Kiton Custom service in Bergdorf Goodman Men's
Store New York
and Ciro Paone  founder of Kiton.                                                         


WATCH EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW. Marcello Vero from New York in an interesting interview on the Italian Fine Art of Bespoke Tailoring and Image Consulting with "Italiani all' Estero TV".

Kevin Kennedy, CEO and President of the Metropolitan Opera of New York, and former Managing Director of Goldman Sachs &Co., is one of the most elegant and refined gentleman, client and friend. I am honored to fly around the world to find the finest and exclusive fabrics for his luxurious MARCELLO VERO BESPOKE wardrobe. Mr. Kennedy is fitting a two-button peak-lapel jacket with ticket pocket and side vents in our exclusive classic fashion style, a tailored design in a semi-fitted silhouette.

Special thanks to all the fantastic customers and friend that gave me the opportunity to be successful in my career